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    Softlanding helps organizations be their best by providing technology solutions and services that make them more productive. Softlanding specializes in Microsoft enterprise technology platforms, leveraging a combination of cloud, on-premises and hybrid configurations to increase productivity from the data center on out to end business users. Platform specialties include SharePoint, Azure, Office 365, Power BI, Enterprise Mobility Suite and System Center.


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                                                           SharePointROI is a, fixed- fee managed service providing end-to-end SharePoint sustainment, user supp​ort and adoption s​ervices. Eliminate SharePoint expertise hiring headaches and get the most out of your SharePoint investment.​

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    Takes Place:
    Description: Our App Modernization and Office 365 Immersion Experience is a hands-on workshop for businesses looking to get their business apps ready for Office 365. Join us March 10 at our Vancouver lab space to realize the full capacity of Office 365.

    Takes Place:
    Description: The options are endless for implementing an effective social and collaboration platform on Office 365. Join us March 24th for a quick hour-long webinar exploring the capability of tools like Office 365 Groups, Yammer and SharePoint Teams.

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    Connecting Talent and Resources for Better Performance

    Corix finds a scalable solution to communication issues and improves organizational performance in the process. Read more here



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    Categories: Business;Azure;System Center
    Description: After our recent collaboration with Microsoft for their OMS Roadshow Event in Vancouver, it came to our attention that road to adopting Microsoft's Operations Management + Security Suite isn't quite evident.
    ​After our recent event with Microsoft for their OMS Roadshow Tour, it came to our attention that road to adopting Microsoft's Operations Management + Security Suite isn't quite evident. In case you're still twiddling your thumbs thinking of how to get started with a cloud-based IT management solution... we have listed the tools and steps you can take get started - even some that are free!Webinars Azure Site Recovery and Backup Demo and Deep Dive Date Thursday, February 16 | 9am-10am PST Host Chris Hall, Azure P-Seller - Softlanding Learn More​ Operations Management Suite (OMS) Demo and Deep Dive Log Analytics and Azure Automation Date Tuesday, February 21 | 930am - 1030am PST Host Chris Stelzer, Azure P-Seller - Softlanding Learn More ---- Workshops/Funded Deployments DPS Vouchers in EA Licenses By leveraging your remaining DPS days within your EA Agreement, your organization can engage in either a workshop or funded deployment with a recognized Microsoft Partner. Need help finding your DPS days? Send us a quick email We can help you find out! Codename Microsoft "OMS Accelerate" Funding Microsoft is incentivizing the Operations Management + Security Suite for organizations looking to leverage Microsoft Partners to assist in their deployment and set-up. We can help you acquire this funding! Let us check if your organization is eligible We can work our Microsoft magic ---- Quick LinksAzure Services by Region OMS Home OMS Learning OMS Pricing Calculator​

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    Categories: Office 365;PowerShell;SharePoint
    Description: How to activate a hidden feature in SharePoint online
    Recently I was faced with an error message in our SharePoint online tenant when trying to activate the Community Site feature. The error message looked like this Site The Site scoped feature being activated has a dependency on hidden Site Collection scoped feature 'FeatureDefinition/15/4326e7fc-f35a-4b0f-927c-36264b0a4cf0' (ID '4326e7fc-f35a-4b0f-927c-36264b0a4cf0'). Hidden features cannot be auto-activated across scopes. There may be one or more visible Site Collection scoped features that auto-activate the dependent hidden feature.​ Obviously, a feature was missing, but the error message did not tell what feature exactly was missing. Only the GUID of the feature was displayed. To solve this problem, the ​SharePoint Online Management Shell can be used. If this helpful shell has not been installed, you can download the installer from this site https//​ After the shell has been installed, be sure to run it as an Administrator! To activate a feature by it's feature ID, you can use this script $$programFilesDirectory = [environment]getfolderpath("programfiles") add-type -Path $programFilesDirectory'\SharePoint Online Management Shell\Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell\Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll' Write-Host 'Enter credentials and site URL' $siteurl = Read-Host "Site Url" $featureGUID = Read-Host "GUID of feature" $username = Read-Host "User Name" $password = Read-Host -AsSecureString "Password" [Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext]$ClientContext = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.ClientContext($siteurl) $ClientContext.Credentials = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.SharePointOnlineCredentials($username, $password) $site = $ClientContext.Site; $feature = new-object System.Guid $featureGUID $site.Features.Add($feature, $true, [Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.FeatureDefinitionScope]None); $ClientContext.ExecuteQuery(); Write-Host 'Feature enabled​' Simply copy and paste this script​ to the SharePoint Online Management Shell and run it. Be sure to enter the the site URL, the GUID of the feature and proper credentials. Usually it will take a little time (about 10-15 seconds) for SharePoint online to activate the feature. If you do not get an error message (and see 'Feature enabled'), the feature should have been activated. ​​