​With the many cloud offerings available today knowing where to start can be challenging, Softlanding makes it easy by guiding you through a business goal aligned envisioning process to define the Why, What and When of cloud computing specific to your organization.

This 3 - 5 day envisioning process is tailored to your organization. Whether you're just getting started and need to know how your business goals or operational pain points can be addressed through cloud based services or you have a specific agenda but need to explore it further this engagement is a great place to start.

Workshop Overview (3 - 5 days)​​


  • Business ​Opportunities & Operational Pain Point Review

​Why Cloud?

  • Workload Optimization
  • Costs
  • Risks
  • Security
  • Mobility
  • and more depending on your requirements…

What Wo​rkloads?

  • Classification & Prioritization of Workloads
  • Dependencies

When to Implement?

  • High Level Roadmap
Deliverable: Envisioning/High Level Roadmap document​