Building on Existing Solutions Over Time

The Provincial Health Services Authority of BC maximizes the success of its custom SharePoint solution.


The Provincial Health Services Authority of BC (PHSA) is one of Canada's leading health science organizations. It oversees the coordination and delivery of provincial programs and highly specialized health care services in British Columbia, including Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) initiatives.​


​We've always had a great experience working with Softlanding. Our entire upgrade, from planning to implementation, was a very smooth experience. They brought to the table excellent SharePoint expertise, good project management skills and a responsive and available team, all of which I think were key players in the success of the project.

We knew we could rely on Softlanding to carry the torch with the back-end aspects of the project because we had that relationship and knew they were reliable and would deliver a good final product.

- Catherine Ogden, Manager of Knowledge Solutions


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In 2009, the Occupational Health and Safety Agency for Healthcare in BC (OHSAH, now part of PHSA) came to Softlanding for help implementing a central platform where employees and stakeholders could collaborate on projects and easily access policies, practices and programs. Among their goals were to:

  • create a single point of entry for OH&S information to all Health Authorities
  • reduce costs of collecting and disseminating information
  • create an easily searchable database
  • facilitate development and educational initiatives

In response, Softlanding developed and implemented a custom solution called OHS Connect on a SharePoint platform. Acting as an extranet and collaboration platform, the new system met all of the organization's challenges and helped them manage information and services much more efficiently, including allowing them to better administer OH&S initiatives across the province.


Implementation and adoption of the new system was so successful that a new challenge emerged: user interaction had grown so high that the organization required a more efficient way to manage the large amounts of information being added. Specifically, they needed to address redundant information, resolve growing pains of the site's more popular areas, make the system easier to navigate, and be able to accommodate additional team sites as more users came onboard.


After such a successful experience during the initial development and implementation of OHS Connect, the organization – now operating under the PHSA umbrella – knew Softlanding would be the best partner to handle the required upgrades. In 2012, after collecting user input and conducting focus groups to identify areas requiring improvement, the PHSA enlisted Softlanding as their partner of choice once again.


Following the same successful phased approach that was applied during initial OHS Connect development and implementation, Softlanding began the tackling the upgrades. The upgrade project directly addressed identified problem areas by developing more user-friendly team sites, reducing redundancies and strengthening select high traffic areas of the site.

Softlanding worked closely with PHSA to design and implement a dynamic and highly customized solution. Throughout the process, Softlanding ensured PHSA stayed well informed at every phase. Regularly scheduled meetings where project requirements and solutions were thoroughly outlined meant that when all was said and done, PHSA employees would be well equipped to use the modified OHS Connect system to support their changing needs.


Since the upgrade, OHS Connect users have experienced major improvements in both efficiency and ease of use.

"It's updated, easier to access, and easier to navigate," says Catherine Ogden, Manager of Knowledge Solutions at PHSA. "The biggest time savings have been with our upgraded custom team sites. The template we have now is quick so we can set up a new team site in less than a minute."