Endpoint Security Assessments

​Be Better Prepared for the Next WannaCry

With a limited number of experienced analysts available, it is difficult to fully understand the context and scope of all endpoints in need of protection and continuous patching. 

As a gold certified Microsoft Partner, Softlanding is one of three Security
Practice Partners designated by Microsoft Canada to deliver funded
security and compliance protection assessments to clients nationally.

Softlanding’s Endpoint Security Assessment is a Microsoft 100% funded
engagement designed to assess, identify and manage vulnerable endpoints across your organizations’ network, cloud and users. Deploying modern tools and processes to provide real-time security & compliancy dashboarding.

Softlanding will provide the following with Microsoft’s allocated $5,000 funding:
Discovery and audit of endpoints and compliance on the corporate network
Half-Day Security & Compliance Workshop
Deployment of Security & Compliance tool on up to 30 servers
Monthly Security & Compliancy Reviews (2 consecutive months)

Detection and Proactive Management 

Softlanding’s Endpoint Security Assessment combines our experience with enterprise patch management and processes, knowledge of latest trends in patching and contextualized critical insights provided by multiple tools including Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite (OMS) for security and compliance.

endpoint security assessment details.PNG

The security of your business is first priority, take the first step to identify and remediate current gaps in danger of cyber attacks. This funded Endpoint Security Assessment is a limited time offering for organizations that range from 250 users and above. Speak to your Softlanding representative to see if you are eligible. 

For more details, see our Endpoint Security Assessment offering

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