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I recently received a request from one of our customers to have a column that displays dates using a format that isn't supported using the standard 'Date' column type (e.g. August, 23 2013 as opposed to 8/23/2013).


This is achievable by using the "Calculated (calculation based on other columns)" column type


To set this up you need an existing column that uses the standard 'Date and Time' column type. In this example, we will assume that your column name is called 'Date'.


Now, create a new column that uses the "Calculated (calculation based on other columns)" column type. For this example, the calculated column will be named 'Date Calculated'. In the 'Formula' section enter the following expression




*'Date' refers to the name of your standard Date column


The output of this command will be Month, day year (e.g. August 23, 2013)