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​Although Windows Phone 10 (or as it might be called when leaving the preview phase 'Windows 10 mobile') hasn't been released yet, everyone can install the technical preview by joining the Microsoft Insider program. Usually I don't install preview versions on my devices, but I must admit I was too curious about about Windows 10 mobile and so I joined the Microsoft Insider program and the so-called 'Fast Ring' and installed Windows 10 mobile (Version 10166) on my Lumia smartphone.

A few weeks ago we had our event 'Workplace Anywhere - Be Mobile, Safely' and we did some life demos to show how 'Mobile Working' can look today. Now that I installed Windows 10 mobile to my smartphone, I was curious how the NINTEX forms I created look like on Microsoft's new mobile browser 'Edge'. I simply navigated to our demo site and accessed the  'Vacation Request' form I create for our demo. It wasn't really a suprise to me that the form didn't show up.


 Although Windows 10 mobile currently is a technical preview (in fact there are still some missing features and glichtes), I refused to believe, that Microsoft's new mobile browser Edge isn't able to show a common NINTEX form. That's why I started to investigate this issue.

I started with having a closer look on the mobile form and it's settings.


First I selected the mobile form by clicking on the 'Smart Phone' icon and after that I cicked on 'Layout Settings'.


When I opened the 'Advanced' section, I noticed that there is a list with user agent strings. The NINTEX form is checking the user agent string, before it is rendered. As Windows 10 mobile is using a new mobile browser, Microsoft might also has changed the user agent string of its new mobile browser.

The best way to check that was to look for a site which is displaying the user agent string. I decided to use this site and I opened it using Edge on my smartphone. This is what I saw:


As expected Microsoft's new mobile browser is using a new user agent string. Iu updated the list of user agent strings of my NINTEX form like this:


Next I saved the form settings and published the updated form to the SharePoint list.

Time for a second try: again I opened the 'New Item' link with Edge: