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​Azure Log Analytics, part of the Operations Management Suite, is Microsoft's SaaS based solution to deliver IT Insights. When I'm demonstrating the solution to clients, I like to tell them it's "Business Intelligence Dashboard for their servers" which resonates well. 

The essence of the solution is you install an agent onto your VMs (which can live on premises, in Azure or AWS). The agent will feed all of your logs into the Azure Log Analytics service and Microsoft will leverage its big data & machine learning platforms combined with intelligence packs to provide actionable recommendations.​

There are many intelligence packs for different insights, including Active Directory, Change Tracking, System Update, Security & Audit, Malware Assessment, Network Monitoring, SQL Assessment and many others.

The best way to show the power of the automated SQL Assessment is to actually see it in action:


​Immediately you can see all of the recommendations Microsoft is making for your SQL environment, taking the log data and automatically comparing it against over 14,000 knowledge base articles.

If you drill into any of these recommendations, Microsoft will provide step by step instructions on how to resolve the issue, which is fantastic for organizations without full time DBAs or in depth SQL knowledge.

  OMS 2.png

This data will be constantly updated, so you always have the most recent assessment at your fingertips.

So how much does this all cost? As with most things in IT the answers is… it depends. Microsoft charges $2.30 per GB of Data processed under the standard tier, which will retain data for a month and $3.50 per GB of Data processed which will retain data for a year. There's also a FREE tier, which will retain data only for 7 days and give you an idea of how much total data is being ingested to be able to model future costs.

All of the configuration can be done within a single day, leading to very rapid return on value!

If you have any questions or would like to see a live demo, I'd encourage you to drop me a line at


Eric Fontaine  |  Senior Cloud Solution Architect