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A good disaster recovery program should be like a good insurance policy: you put it in place, hope you never have to use it, and then enjoy peace of mind until you perform a periodic check to make sure that your policy still aligned your business needs.  The good news is that with recent advances in technology and the support of skilled providers, disaster recovery really can be this painless.

Softlanding has been very busy over the last several months introducing clients and implementing Microsoft Azure Site Recovery which now has full support for any combination of Hyper-V, VMWare & Physical Servers with both Microsoft and Linux operating systems.

The simplicity of the Azure Site Recovery solution has really resonated with our clients and the adoption rate is skyrocketing!

Many clients ask how the costs compare with building a traditional secondary datacenter. Microsoft and IDC have come up with the following costs based on 100 VMs:


​A great way to look at leveraging the cloud for DR is again to compare it to car insurance…is you don't buy a second car and keep it in your garage in case you crash the first one… you buy insurance!

The great news is once your disaster recovery solution in place and tested, your organization now has a clear migration roadmap to the cloud for running Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Virtual Machines… you can simply leave your tested VMs running up in Azure!

If you are interested in seeing a live demo of restoring a failed VM into Azure in 10 minutes drop me a line at