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You have 2 SharePoint lists (List A and List B). You have a SharePoint 2010 workflow associated with List A which copies newly created list items to List B. List B is associated with a SharePoint 2013 platform type workflow that is configured to start when new items are added. However, when the workflow from List A copies the newly created item to List B, the List B workflow does not start automatically. There are no errors in the workflow history or in the ULS logs. The workflow in List B will work correctly if you start it manually.




Unknown. From what I’ve read online there are quite a few people who are reporting the same issue. Most forum posts end without any definite resolution.




Recreate the 2013 workflow in SharePoint Designer using the SharePoint 2010 platform type. In the case that I was working on the workflow did not rely on any features that are specific to the 2013 platform type, so there was no loss of functionality.