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Orchestrator is a great tool for workflow and automation, but out of the box, it severely lacks any sort of centralized logging. Sure you can write out events to event logs and collect them with SCOM, but that can be problematic.

For those of you that don’t know, there’s a great centralized logging integration pack available over at Codeplex called “Standard Logging IP”

This utility lets you configure a SQL database to centralize logging operations across all of your Runbook. It has a ton of features and is HIGHLY recommended. The problem with it is, yes the logging is central, but how the heck do you get at it? Run SQL queries each time you want to display log entries?

I tossed together a quick page that would display entries from the standard logging db in a table format with auto refresh, and even color coding according to status (Start = Green, Running = Yellow, Failed = Red, Complete = Grey).

This gives you a really nice on-going real time view of Runbook execution, failures and status updates.


Your next step would be to integrate your Standard Logging DB with a utility like SPLUNK to ensure you get real time alerts on failures! If you’d like a copy of the page, leave me a comment.