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You may have come across the spell check feature while authoring content in the page content or content editor web part. The one problem is that the spell check may tell you a word is misspelled just because it is not in the SharePoint dictionary. For example if I type in "Softlanding" in a content editor web part and run the spell check (shown below), it will underline the word with a red line, letting you know it is a misspelled word. So how can we let SharePoint know that this is not a misspelled word, rather it is an actual known term in our organization? This can be done very easily following the steps below:

Spell Check
  1. At the root level of your site create a document library called "Spelling" (make sure to name the document library exactly as listed here)
  2. On your desktop create a new text file called "Custom Dictionary", so that the file name looks like "Custom Dictionary.txt" (make sure to spell the file name exactly as listed here)
  3. Open the "Custom Dictionary" text file and in this file type in the words you would like NOT to be considered misspelled words (please note that the words are case sensitive so I would have a separate entry for Softlanding and softlanding, and also please make sure each word is listed on a new line)
  4. Upload the "Custom Dictionary.txt" file to the "Spelling" document library (make sure the document is checked in and published
  5. And now, when authoring content, the words specified in the "Custom Dictionary" file will not be considered as spelling errors. You can continue to add words to the "Custom Dictionary" file to continuously address words or acronyms that are not recognized by SharePoint.

Please note: This works for both SharePoint 2010 and 2013