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​Being an independent IT consultant is a daily grind and presents numerous ongoing challenges.  I know this from personal experience as I used to own and operate a small IT consulting firm for 3-years composed of me, myself, and I + a couple of sub-contractors.  I want to highlight some of these challenges and extend an open offer for those looking for a change to contact me directly to discuss different possibilities.  First let's start with the challenges:
Your competition
The IT consulting space is stacked with competition. Saturated is probably an unfair term, but everyone and their dog seems to label themselves as an IT contractor.  You may not have an office and find it difficult to complete even with those that are only a couple of people, let alone the IT companies that are 20+ in strength.  You're continually having to adjust your hourly billable rates as contractors try to undercut the competition instead of focusing on the value they offer. Your clients want to turn to you for purchasing equipment and software but you can’t get credit with the major channel distributors. So you’re either opening the door to vendors who could compete within your own accounts or you’re passing through retail pricing to your clients and missing revenue opportunities. It can be tough to always do the best thing for your clients when you don’t have all the options available to you.
Growing and building
Do you love consulting and managing people at the same time? If most are honest the answer is likely an emphatic "no".  It's very hard to go from being a great independent IT consultant to the CEO of your own business with dozens of resources to manage and direct.  Maybe you're OK with steady or neutral growth but what does your business and personal security look like over the longer-term?
Maintaining your agility
You are only one, or you have limited help with your business.  How do you scale your business while maintaining positive client relationships?  Do you really want to maintain that threshold of juggling a finite number of clients versus accidentally biting off more than you can chew?  It's a fine balance between growing your business and effectively servicing your clients. Doing it all on your own can be a stressful, uphill battle. When was the last time you had a truly uninterrupted vacation?
So why partner or join forces with Softlanding?  We can offer you and your clients many benefits:

  • Team Collaboration; work with a team of seasoned IT professionals and share ideas
  • Escalation Points; you can seek the help of others when faced with crazy complex IT issues
  • Vacations; yes, I'm sure you haven't taken one of those in YEARS
  • Benefits; medical, dental, statutory holidays, sick-days and many other perks are present
  • Service Levels; Improve service levels and response time with your clients by tapping into a veteran Help Desk
  • Partnerships; have access to partner and channel benefits
  • Project Resources; Access to project teams who can provide additional skillsets and solution capabilities to your clients
  • Personal development; Attend conferences and pursue training, IT certifications, and other personal growth opportunities


If you're an independent IT consultant looking for a change please contact me directly (604-697-6756). I look forward to hearing from you. You don’t always have to go it alone!