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Windows Server 2012 introduces a new type of live migration called ‘Shared Nothing Live Migration”. Shared Nothing Live Migration allows IT administrators to migrate virtual machines to other Server 2012 Hyper-V hosts without the necessity of having to use shared storage.

In this tutorial I will walk you through configuring Hyper-V 2012 Shared Nothing Live Migration.

My test environment consists of two hosts running Windows Server 2012. Each host has its own local storage and is connected to a local area network via an Ethernet connection to an unmanaged switch. Each host has a 10Gbps connection to the LAN.

First we have to enable Live Migrations on each of the hosts. On one of the Hyper-V hosts go to Hyper-V settings and then select ‘Live Migrations’


Hyper-V Settings  

In this tutorial we will select the option to use Kerberos. CredSSP doesn't allow credentials to be delegated, so you can only initiate a live migration from the source server. With CredSSP you would not be able to initiate a live migration from your desktop Hyper-V client.

Configure Kerberos delegation for Live Migration


In order to use Kerberos for Live Migrations we have to configure Kerberos delegation so that Windows can delegate credentials between Hyper-V hosts during Live Migrations.

In accordance with best practices, we have configured constrained delegation. In Active Directory Users and Computers select the ‘Delegation’ tab for one of the Hyper-V hosts and then select ‘ trust this computer for delegation to specified services only’. Click ‘Add’ and then select ‘cifs’ and ‘Microsoft Virtual System Migration Service’. In this example I have configured Xamot to delegate credentials to Tomax for the two specified services. This will allow credentials to be passed through for Live Migrations.


Kerberos Delegation 

Make sure that you configure delegation for the other server as well. In our case, we would configure the exact same delegation properties for Tamox, except that we would specify Xamot as the computer that we would like to delegate credentials to.

That’s it. We’re now ready to perform a live migration.

On one of the Hyper-V hosts select a virtual machine, right click and select ‘Move’

Move Virtual Machine 

Select the option to ‘Move the virtual machine’

Move VM Dialog 

In our example we are going to select the option to move the virtual machine data to a single location

Move VM to Single Location 

Select a location on the destination computer for the virtual machine data

Select VM Location 

**When you attempt to perform the live migration with the Release Candidate version of Server 2012 you will get the following error 'Virtual Machine Migration Operation Failed at Migration Source'

Error during move operation 

This is a bug and will be fixed with the RTM version of Server 2012 ( )

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