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We hear at Softlanding are major advocates of Cireson's suite of tools in relation to Service Manager engagements. In fact every single SCSM engagement we do comes bundled with Cireson's suite of products.

One thing our customers love is the sheer customizability the Cireson Portal has through the use of common web developer tools like Java Script and CSS.

I recently had a customer go to TOWN on the Cireson Portal with all kinds of CSS & Java Script magic. Here's some real world examples of just what CSS, Java Script & the Cireson Portal can be used to accomplish!

1.)   Home Page Catalog Layout

Many of the default Home Page Catalog layouts have icons that aren't clickable. You're required to click the words on the request offerings to launch the requests. This particular client wanted the icons clickable AND the Favorite "Star" moved to an easier to view spot.

Default Icons, non-clickable, with "Star" in center


Revised Icons, clickable, with an easy to use "Star" in the upper right hand corner for Favorites.

2.)     Automatically Expanded Action Log 

The action log by default requires each and every entry to be clicked on to expand. This makes a long history long extremely cumbersome to read. After all this is just textual data, so having it expanded by default has minimal impact on performance. 

Default action log 


Revised Auto Expanded Action Log

3.)     Color Coding of "Status" & "Priorites"

Cireson provides an excellent console add in (View Builder) that by default can color code the Status & Priorities. This works GREAT in the Console, but I always get the question, "Why Not the Portal?"! Well, with some CSS & Java Script magic you can!

Default Views no color "Status" or "Priorities"


Revised Views /w Color coded "Status" & "Priorities"

6.png We can even take this one step further by doing the same color coding on the Incident forms themselves!

 Default Incident From with no "Priority" and no color coding of "Status"


Revised Incident Form with easy to view "Priority" and "Status" color coded.

4.)     Dynamically Changing Icons based on User Attributes

The "Team Requests" icons allows you to view requests from members of your "Team". However, most organizations don't refer to themselves as "Teams" but more "Departments" or in this case "Schools". They were able to dymanically change the icon text based on the OU the user was located in. If it was a Department OU is would become "My Department Requests" if it was a Teacher in a School OU it would become "My Schools Requests".

Stock Team Requests Icon


Revised Dynamic "My Department" or "My School" requests icon.


The list can go on and on with customizations! We feel that Cireson has done an EXCELLENT job in making a very open, customizable platform that with a little bit of CSS & Java Script knowledge ANYTHING is possible! Further customizations can include but are not limited to!

  • Defaulting Comments as "Private"
  • Custom Send E-Mail task via Outlook (Launches Outlook to Send E-Mail)
  • Review "Request Offering" forms to hide "Categories" remove white space.
  • Etc, etc!