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Business Case:

It is important to monitor the adoption rate of any new product that is implemented. FAST Search for SharePoint is a great example, as this product is exposed to everyone. Through monitoring we have the ability to see how and what people are searching for, which enables us to tweak the product and further improve the experience.


FAST Search for SharePoint is Microsoft’s first attempt at integrating FAST with SharePoint. Overall the integration is inconsistent at best. They did their best to keep all the current features functional; owever, analytics is one of the components which has been missed or forgotten. Many of the out of the box analytics simply do not work with FAST. While site specific analytics do work, it is difficult to aggregate the data and make some meaningful conclusions.


We have developed “FS4SP Query Statistics” to resolve some of these shortcomings. This application will scan through the FAST Query logs and present statistics such as; Total Queries, Total Distinct users, Average Queries per user and many more. Follow the project on Codeplex at

Screenshot of the Codeplex Project Site 

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