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Softlanding is excited to announce a new promotion designed for Metro Vancouver and lower mainland small and medium-sized businesses, offering a free professional 3rd party technical assessment of their IT systems. With there being a flood of security breaches in recent news, we are happy to provide this service to our local business community, leveraging our many years of IT experience and our team of highly trained staff to prevent the continued attack against SMBs and their customers.

Business owners, executives, and managers are often given reassurances by their IT staff or tech support providers that all their systems are secure. While it is the intent of most IT departments or IT support providers to maintain secure systems, an extensive workload comprising of support tasks and project deployments can often distract from the simple maintenance tasks that ensure the stability of your IT environment. We often find that regular system updates are not being installed, which are designed to fix vulnerabilities that are being exposed by hackers; antivirus and anti-malware definitions are out of date, and backups are either not occurring or are error-filled, creating disaster recovery nightmares for many businesses.

Being buffered from the realities of the IT situation is no excuse for ownership/execs when a security breach occurs exposing their company and customers. This idea was hammered home recently when we took over ongoing IT support and IT management functions for organization based in downtown Vancouver. This organization was being serviced by a reputable local IT services provider for the previous 2 years. What we uncovered was shocking to say the least; as part of our new client onboarding process, we essentially uncovered a ticking time bomb:

  • Servers and key Microsoft applications weren't patched for almost 2 years
  • Antivirus software across the entire network hadn’t been updated in months
  • Backups weren't occurring for nearly 90 days

These are just a few of the things we uncovered with this particular client. Despite the best intentions of the IT departments, and IT Managers we work with, or the IT service providers we take over from, we run into these types of glaring gaps more often than not. The scary thing is that the more systems there are, the more likely there are gaps in the way systems are maintained, and most people don't even realize what's happening in the background.

This is why we wanted to offer Metro Vancouver and lower mainland-based SMBs the opportunity to receive a free technical assessment. This involves a 1-hour onsite technical deep dive of your environment and a follow up meeting to present our findings. There are absolutely no obligations here, our only interest is to see that our business community and the people they serve are protected. If you're interested in booking an assessment, please Contact Us to book a time with one of our Senior IT Consultants.