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Normally, when you are saving to SharePoint using Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint you are presented with the following 'Save As' dialog

Save As Dialog

This does not allow you to edit the files or folders in the same way that you might be use to with the Windows file system because you're actually viewing the file and folder structure as a web page. In this instance, because you are viewing a web page, you do not have the ability to create new files or folders from within the 'Save As' dialog.

You can work around this by mapping a drive to a SharePoint site.

Map Drive

Map Drive

At this point you can drill down into the site using your newly mapped drive, select the specific folders that you use most often and then add them to your favorites list in Explorer

Explorer View Favorite

Add Current Location To Favorites

Shared Documents

Now, when you use the 'Save As' dialog in Word, Excel or PowerPoint you will now be able to manipulate the file system like you are used to when working with files and folders on your local file system.

Save As SharePoint Documents


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