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We have all made spelling mistakes when creating SharePoint Service Applications. Now we don’t have to live with them any longer. SharePoint does not provide a GUI method of renaming service applications. Luckily, this is very simple using the Object Model.


This PowerShell function will rename a SharePoint Service Application and its associated Proxy. This function does not require an IIS Reset.


The Script can be downloaded from the Microsoft Script Center Here Rename-SharePoint-Service

# Name:            Rename-SPServiceApplication 
# Description:     This script will rename a Service Application and its Proxy 
# Usage:        Run the function with the Name and NewName Parameters 
# By:             Ivan Josipovic, 
Function Rename-SPServiceApplication ($Name,$NewName){ 
$Service = Get-SPServiceApplication -Name $Name 
if ($Service -eq $null){ 
    Write-host -Foreground red "Error: Cant find $Name" 
    return 1 
$proxies = Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy 
foreach ($Proxy in $proxies){ 
    if ($Service.IsConnected($Proxy)){ 
        Write-host "Proxy Found" 
        if ($Proxy.Status -ne "Online"){ 
            Write-host -Foreground red "Error: The Proxy is currently is Status: $($Proxy.Status)" 
            Write-host -Foreground red "Error: You will have to enable the Proxy before it can be modified, re-run the script once completed" 
            return 1 
        } else { 
            $Proxy.Name = $NewName 
$Service.Name = $NewName 
Write-host "Completed with no Errors" 
return 0 
Rename-SPServiceApplication -Name "WSS_UsageApplication" -NewName "WSS Usage Application"


If you have any questions please leave a comment.