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What's an Entity Extraction Dictionary?

There are plenty of good posts on this, but here's a super-brief explanation.

SharePoint entity extraction dictionaries are simple text files defining terms that you want the search crawler to automatically look for and build into the search index. They can then be used in search refiners.


​Key Display Form​
africa ​Africa
north america ​North America
​... ​...


What about roll-up?

If my documents contain the country name Canada or the province name British Columbia, I’d also like them to show up when I refine on North America. That can be achieved by representing the hierarchy within the dictionary, in addition to the original entries.


​Key Display Form​
north america North America​
​canada ​North America​
​british columbia North America​
​... ​...


Documents containing any of the terms shown on the left will then be rolled up into the term North America. The refiner experience when clicking North America is shown below.
It is probably wise to avoid doing this on larger dictionaries, however, since it can bloat them to several times their original size.