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​Some businesses are obsessed with numbers, so much so that metrics are the only thing that is ever discussed at an operational and strategic level.  The problem with this approach is that a key ingredient of business success is missing from these discussions - staff and client satisfaction.  If you are solely focused on the numbers and only care about your profit margins then you will become delusional.  Over time you become oblivious to the human element of the business and will lose sight of reality which in turn will cost you valuable staff members and precious clients; two resources that you've spent years building and developing.
We are not robots, we are living/breathing people with emotions, families, and personal goals.  Metrics and the 'numbers' are important but they aren't everything, never lose sight of that fact.  Without the hard working people in your company and the great client relationships you form, you have nothing but an idea, a vision, a shell that has the potential to be filled with greatness.  Don't forget where you came from, don't lose sight of reality and what's really important if you strip everything away because after all, you wouldn't be here without them.
You need to listen, you need to use your 'gut instinct' when it comes to certain business decisions, you need to maintain your finger on the pulse of your staff and clients and know when to take your foot off the pedal and when to push it to the floor.  It's not all about the money and the margins and if it is, you will continue to experience attrition and treading water-like growth.
At Softlanding we don't ignore the metrics but we don't obsess over them either.  We strive to create a workplace that fosters a solid work-life balance and forge long-term positive client relationships. Believe it or not, in the 12 years since we launched, we did no marketing, and our business grew via word of mouth due to positive experience and brand reputation.  We value every client engagement and were recently rewarded for our client-centric approach by being one of three Microsoft partners in Canada to be named a Client Experience Award finalist.   We have a collaborative approach to business growth and we are transparent with our staff when it comes to the 'numbers' and the overall health of the organization.  We seek the input of others and ensure everyone has the ability to contribute. Don't get me wrong, the numbers are important, but what's critical is that we're focused on empowering our people and providing complete value and satisfaction for our clients and staff.