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You have a brand new SharePoint 2013 farm. You download and attempt to install and configure Workflow Manager 2013 on your SharePoint Server.

During the installation process you encounter the following errors


You also notice that the AppFabric Caching Service is stopped on your SharePoint Server, and it cannot be started

AppFabric Service Stopped

In addition, you notice the following error in the event logs on your SharePoint Server

Event Log Errors


The issue is caused by the presence of an entry in the HOSTS file on your SharePoint Server. The HOSTS file contains an entry that points to the loopback address for the local server name (i.e.

Removing the HOSTS file entry will resolve this issue. Once you have removed the HOSTS file entry, you should be able to start the AppFabric Caching Service on your SharePoint Server

AppFabric Started

At this point, you can re-run the Workflow Manager Installation, and, barring any other configuration issues, it should complete without any further errors.

WFM Success