​With the growth of SaaS applications and cloud platform services the age-old constant of migrating to a newer on-premises application platform every 3-5 years is becoming a thing of the past.  For those ready to make the move to the cloud version of their Microsoft productivity applications Softlanding ready to assist. 

Softlanding has many years of experience migrating clients to Microsoft's Office 365 and Azure Data Centers.  We're familiar with the tools, methodologies and gotchas associated with small to enterprise sized migrations.  Our business analysts, cloud architects and delivery consultants will ensure that your migration experience is smooth and that staff experience minimal or no disruption.   We offer the following types of migration services:

  • Infrastructure - Migration of physical or virtual servers to Azure
  • Exchange - Migration from almost any type of E-Mail system to Office 365 Exchange Online
  • SharePoint - Migration from you’re current intranet to Office 365 SharePoint Online
  • ​OneDrive - Migration of your corporate OneDrive content from one Data Center to another