Infrastructure Optimization

The Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization (IO) initiative was developed to help organizations improve operational efficiency and better support business activities. Infrastructure optimization focuses on using an organization's IT assets to support and advance the business. It helps the business measure their level of optimization and provides the ways and means to drive towards a "people-ready" infrastructure. IT departments that successfully travel down the 'IO' path will eventually transition from being viewed as a cost center to a strategic business asset.

Microsoft has developed three optimization models: Application Platform (AP), Business Productivity Infrastructure (BPI) and Core Infrastructure (CI). Each model outlines a progression through four levels of Optimization. Using these models, you can gauge the current level of optimization of your infrastructure and application platform, establish a technology vision for the future, and build a clear roadmap to achieving that vision.

Softlanding can assist in determining your current level of optimization and help you explore initiatives that will take your business to the next level of optimization.

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