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Capacity Challenges

Without a well-designed, deployed and maintained IT infrastructure, the availability, performance and security of your business applications are at risk. However, day-to-day support and sustainment activities can often consume most (if not all) of your in-house IT resources. The impact to the business can be frustration about the inability of IT to keep pace with business goals and demands. Everything takes too long! The impact for IT is often frustration about not being able to get to those high value initiatives because there are always fires in their way.

Strategy Challenges

Would you like your business to be more agile? Do the benefits of moving to cloud based services sound attractive? But what are the right options for your business, and why is your IT department so resistant to even having the conversation?

The Solution

Whether as an extension to your in-house team, or becoming your in-house team, Softlanding's IT ROI service is designed to elevate your business tools and practices up to and beyond optimum industry standards.

Using a combination of tools and interviews, we start by comparing your IT "maturity" to that of your industry peers. We use the data collected to develop a sustainment strategy that moves you steadily up the IT maturity ladder so that the value of your IT investments can grow over time. We can help you transform IT from being a cost burden to the strategic business asset you know it should be.