Business Continuity

Most organizations solely focus on their backup needs without factoring in RTO (Return to Operation) in the event that a disaster strikes. If you are relying on tape-based backups and critical hardware fails, or a natural disaster occurs, do you feel comfortable being left with just a set of tapes to recover from? Do you realize that it could days or weeks before your business is back up and fully running? This is why it's critical to factor in Business Continuity as well as Disaster Recovery into your overall business backup strategy.

More than just backups - we not only ensure your business critical data is offsite, but we also provide you with the ability to continue business operations in the event of a disaster. Our solution includes the ability to start servers on your assigned dedicated backup server, or even start servers in the cloud in the event of a serious natural disaster.

Set and forget - our Managed Backup Solution includes a dedicated HP backup server with a lifetime warranty, the backup software and agents necessary to perform backups, and the ongoing monitoring and management of the overall backup solution including backup job monitoring. All of this is priced at a fixed-fee per month and it allows you to experience a worry-free backup and disaster recovery solution.