Cloud Services

Are you looking to get rid of your physical servers in your IT environment? Do you want to keep your data in Canada? Is the cloud on your roadmap and a part of your IT strategy? We have a variety of cloud-based services that can provide you with the flexibility and scalability you need when looking to move critical information systems to the cloud.

Hosted Servers - we've partnered with one of Canada's leading datacentres to deliver our cloud offering, Softlanding CloudTM. The 30,000 square foot Tier-3 datacenter is located in Kelowna and has the lowest risk profile in North America. Not only does this provide you with a reliable/stable infrastructure but it also ensures your data remains in Canada and in a geographically stable area.

Microsoft Office 365 - is a subscription-based (per-user) service from Microsoft which offers access to various services and software built around the Microsoft Office platform. This includes hosted e-mail through Microsoft Exchange, online collaboration through Microsoft SharePoint, and real-time communication with Microsoft Lync.

Colocation Services - if you still want to keep your equipment but would prefer to host it in a secure facility, we can also provide co-location services within our datacentre in Kelowna. This allows you to leverage the benefits of a datacentre setting but still own and manage your own equipment.