Agile Intranet Features

​Every business is unique. Traditionally this notion​ required significant custom development and lengthy and expensive project cycles to achieve an organization's unique business needs. However, as iterations of SharePoint intranets are released, Softlanding has been able to carefully cultivate and develop agileIntranet incorporating the knowledge and best practices evolved over many years of successful SharePoint implementations.

agileIntranet is a corporate intranet framework designed to maximize the feature and platform benefits of Office 365 without any "in-a-box" compromises. Responsive templates, optional add-ins and a structured engagement model enables quick deployment without platform-on-another-platform lock-in. 

Features included within Softlanding's agileIntranet framework include:

​​Responsive Design 

Responsive design templates, improving the mobile experience by adapting the page layout to best suit the screen size of the device being used to access the site.

My Hub

A highly configurable home page element that provides quick access to an individual’s most recent or pending activities (tasks, documents, Yammer feeds, custom links)​.​

News Roll-Up

A configurable roll up of news items from other areas within the site. Provides both a means for distribution of news item authorship and an additional dynamic/topical element to the home page. ​

Direct To...

​Provides staff with a single click mechanism for sending a message to the CEO, or appropriate senior leader (configurable label and picture). Promotes employee empowerment and engagement. ​

Thought of the Day

A quote or short content snippet that rotates daily. Self-updated by rotating through items from a standard SharePoint list fo​r easy management.


A site feedback mechanism to enable easy ability to provide “in the moment” type feedback. ​​​​

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