The "Building" phase is where we take what you’ve told us about what you want in terms of infrastructure, layout, and other requirements, and build you a practical, efficient, and totally personalized solution. We also look ahead to the next phase with an adoption and training plan, outlining the best strategy for getting your users on board.

Installation & Configuration

The first step of the Build stage is setting up SharePoint to meet the requirements that were identified and outlined in the Solution Design & Implementation Plan. Initial installation and configuration lay the groundwork for building SharePoint into what you need and want it to be for your organization.


Since SharePoint doesn’t always come with certain features that your organization wants "out-of-the-box", the Development step gives us the opportunity to fill in the gaps. Because SharePoint is such a versatile program, it allows us to build you custom requirements that aren’t available through configuration.


SharePoint governance defines how SharePoint will run, who will play what role, and what resources will be used. In order to administer SharePoint effectively once it is implemented, a blueprint is necessary. A Governance Plan outlines the protocol, policies, responsibilities, and user roles that will need to be established. A solid foundation keeps your SharePoint site as organized and streamlined as possible.


Beyond governance, a plan is necessary for how the overall system is going to be managed and maintained within your organization’s environment. This includes putting plans in place for both backup and disaster recovery.

Adoption & Training Plan

Getting the most out of your SharePoint solution means getting your user base on board as soon as possible. For your users to see the full range of benefits offered by SharePoint, this step is crucial; you need a way to communicate that SharePoint makes their lives easier, and the tools to show them how. The goal of this step is to help to guide you to your ultimate objective of seamlessly integrating SharePoint into your organization’s environment.