SharePoint is a business platform for communication, collaboration, document management, workflow, business process automation, business intelligence, application development and Web Content Management. To get the most possible value out of the SharePoint platform, including effective adoption, it is extremely important that an overall vision and feature release roadmap be developed before any deployment.

The Envisioning phase is a vital first step, defining how SharePoint should be implemented to best meet your current and longer term business goals and objectives. It also defines the scope and cost of the second phase: Detailed Planning. The Envisioning Phase consists of the following:

Identification of goals

Identification of your high level goals and objectives at the very beginning allows everything that follows to keep the end in mind. The SharePoint solution should cater specifically to your requirements, enabling the fullest possible range of SharePoint feature capabilities going forward.

Recognizing priorities

Incorporating priorities from the onset maximizes timely return on investment and helps best align feature releases with business value.

Roadmap the phases

Getting long term value out of SharePoint is best approached through multiple implementation and release phases. Phases should be aligned with corporate priorities and return value, but also balance feature dependencies and SharePoint best practices. The first full phase includes implementing the underlying infrastructure, the first functional application release as well as the governance and adoption models.

Budgeting and sponsorship

The scope for planning of the first phase is defined and documented, including effort and time estimates. The sponsor(s) of SharePoint overall within the organization is determined as well as the sponsor and business decision makers for the first phase.