Stabilize & Deploy

Stabilization and deployment is the next and final phase. Here, the most important thing is that you are satisfied with the final product. We test, tweak, and re-test until we know you’re happy; we deploy the solution; we provide training as per your needs; and we provide ongoing support to ensure your continued satisfaction.


To make sure your solution is up to par and error-free, we perform various tests, giving us important input for the next few steps.


This step is all about fine-tuning; we adjust your solution based on our assessments, fix any issues, and perform any additional necessary testing so you can be sure everything meets your high standards.

Client Acceptance

At this point, we want to know that you are satisfied. Your confirmation of a complete and functional solution is of the utmost importance.


In combination with deployment, training is a necessary and valuable step towards the successful adoption of SharePoint by your user base. Softlanding provides custom, on-site, environment-specific training for Site Administrators, Site Members and in-house training staff, giving you a level of flexibility and personalization that fits your organization’s schedule and situation.


This is the point at which we roll out your SharePoint solution to your end users. This step is when your Adoption Plan will be put to use; all you have left to do after a successful adoption is sit back and enjoy the enormous benefits of your custom-built SharePoint solution.

Post-Production Support

Options for ongoing support include time & material as-required all the way up to a full SharePoint Managed Service solution. We are also equipped to provide staff augmentation to in-house IT teams.