Business Process Automation

SharePoint's productivity features -- which revolve around workflows and forms -- are simple to build and easy to use. The system includes browser-based forms, centralized forms management and control, a form import wizard and an integrated deployment model for "no code" forms.

Benefits of SharePoint's workflow, forms and productivity features:

  • Easy to use & build workflows. SharePoint comes with several built-in workflows, "no code" workflows can be built using SharePoint Designer, and complex workflows can be developed using Visual Studio
  • Powerful, easily deployed forms. InfoPath can be used to create rich electronic forms that, when combined with workflows, can vastly improve process efficiency
  • Complete forms management. InfoPath forms can be managed centrally for web, mobile and rich clients
  • Ability to create forms from Word or Excel. Users can easily create forms based on Word or Excel documents

Our Process

To successfully incorporate SharePoint's workflow, forms and productivity features requires Softlanding follows the following process:

  • Envisioning
  • Planning & requirements gathering
  • Design
  • Development & configuration
  • Testing
  • Training & user adoption
  • Deployment


For more information about how Softlanding can assist with your workflows, forms and productivity requirements, please contact us.