Enterprise Content Management

SharePoint provides a robust platform that allows us to categorize, index, search and manage information much more effectively.  Whether it’s content in paper form that requires electronic transformation, or emails and electronic documents that require categorization and indexing, the volume of data and associated management complexity is increasing exponentially.

SharePoint's Enterprise Content Management features help manage the lifecycle of your company's information, from managing active documents to archiving them as records to final disposition.

Benefits of SharePoint ECM:

  • Comes with document and records management site templates
  • Includes configurable workflow templates
  • Is integrated with MS Office
  • Provides built-in retention and auditing policies
  • Makes use of content types and metadata
  • Provides for built-in Check in/Check out and versioning

Our Process

To successfully implement SharePoint ECM we follow this process:

  • Envisioning
  • Planning & requirements gathering
  • Design
  • Development & configuration
  • Testing
  • Training & user adoption
  • Deployment


For more information about how Softlanding can assist with your ECM project, please contact us.