Extranets have become increasingly popular with companies looking to exhange information with external partners. SharePoint is an ideal platform for creating extranets, offering a secure way to interact with outside parties from within the same familiar SharePoint environment.

Benefits of a SharePoint Extranet:

  • Easy access to information. Internal users can access data from within the corporate network, while external users can access the same data from outside
  • Secure information. External users can access the extranet, but are completely segregated from the internal corporate intranet
  • Familiar environment. Users familiar with using a SharePoint intranet will find a SharePoint extranet site easy to use
  • One platform. SharePoint can be used to create intranets and extranets, negating the need for another platform or program

Our Process

All successful extranet projects begin with a requirements gathering phase. At Softlanding we take our clients through the following process:

  • Envisioning
  • Planning & requirements gathering
  • Design
  • Development & configuration
  • Testing
  • Training & user adoption
  • Deployment



Interested to hear from one of our clients?

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