Intranets & Portals

Building and deploying an intranet or portal involves more than simply installing SharePoint. An exceptionally versatile platform, SharePoint can be used to create intranets and portals with different sets and levels of functionality. At Softlanding we've built solutions from simple collaboration sites to complex custom solutions that leverage the SharePoint feature set.

Major Benefits of a SharePoint Based Intranet/Portal:

  • Secure, centralized data. Using SharePoint you can store your data in one place, which makes it easier to back up, secure and for staff to access.
  • Increased employee productivity. Storing and routing commonly used forms such as Expense Reports and Vacation Requests in one place on your SharePoint intranet can lead to significant time and cost savings.
  • Enhanced ability to find information. SharePoint's search capabilities plus the use of metadata greatly increase the ability to simply find information.

Our Process

To build a successful intranet or portal requires obtaining critical information at the outset. At Softlanding we take our clients through the following process:

  • Envisioning
  • Planning & requirements gathering
  • Design
  • Development & configuration
  • Testing
  • Training & user adoption
  • Deployment



Interested to hear from some of our clients?

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