Enterprise-grade Azure Virtual Machine Backup

Azure Virtual Machine Backup is an integrated backup solution that protects your virtual machines and applications deployed in Microsoft Azure. Azure Virtual Machine Backup provides application-consistent protection for cloud-based workloads with all VSS aware workloads supported.

Designed to help organizations further protect cloud-based workloads, Softlanding’s Azure Virtual Machine Backup offering is a 10-day engagement allowing organizations to create and configure a simple and cost-effective backup as a service (BaaS) solution.



Softlanding’s Azure Virtual Machine Backup FastStart is a ten-day offering that enables protection for your cloud-based workloads. An Azure Virtual Machine Backup FastStart consists of the following:

  • Creation of Recovery Services Vault(s)
  • Define Backup Policies
  • Check the installation and status of the Azure Virtual Machine Agent
  • Configure Virtual Machine Protection
  • Configure file/folder level backup
  • Validate application level workload recovery
  • Document deployment and configuration
  • Backup management and monitoring*

* Any remaining unused engagement time will be put towards on-going management and monitoring of backups

The customer is responsible for all costs of backup and storage incurred on their Azure subscription.

Customer Value

Automatic Storage Management
With Azure Backup, there’s no cost for using third party
storage devices. Azure backup automatically allocates and
manages backup storage under a pay-as-you-go model.

Application-consistent Backup
Azure Backup provides application-consistent backups, which ensures additional fixes are not needed to restore the data. Restoring application consistent data reduces the restoration time, allowing you to quickly return to a running state.

Multiple Storage Locations
Azure offers two types of replication services: Locally
redundant storage (LRS) and Geo-redundant storage
(GRS). Achieve high level durability of your data, even if
there’s a regional outage.

Long-term Retention
Instead of switching backup copies from disk to tape and
moving the tape to an off-site location, you can use Azure
for short-term or unlimited long-term retention.