Protect your business for productivity without compromise

Security and protection are now delivered and built-in at no extra cost in the most secure workplace empowered by Microsoft 365’s comprehensive security to resist from and respond to the virus, malware, and spyware across your applications. By leveraging the cloud, vast optics, machine learning, and behaviour analysis, Microsoft’s modern enterprise security features work cohesively to respond rapidly to emerging threats, safeguarding your data and business operations. With an interactive five-day engagement, your organization will be fully informed about Microsoft’s latest Enterprise security features and prepared for an upgrade to Windows’ most secure operating system.



Softlanding’s Modern IT Enterprise Security FastStart is a five-day engagement that will cover the benefits of Microsoft’s enterprise security features and highlights how these will provide the utmost security protection for your organization through various workshops. We will then guide you through the process of reviewing your existing security landscape and provide you with a recommendation on preparatory activities for Microsoft IT Enterprise Security Integration.

The Modern IT Enterprise Security FastStart includes:

  • Review the latest and most secure Modern IT Enterprise Security features, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Windows Exploit Guard, Windows Application Guard, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite

  • Windows Defender ATP Workshop: Stand up and onboard existing Window 10 clients into the Windows Defender ATP service, run sample attack scenarios to test functionality and integration with the latest Windows Defender features, such as Exploit Guard, Application Guard, and Controlled Folder Access

  • Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) Workshop: Demonstrate features available in the EMS Suite to help protect your identities, data & devices using technologies, such as inTune, Cloud App Security, Information Protection & Identity Protection

  • Security & Risk Alignment Workshop: Conduct organizational interviews to gather information to identify high-level security challenges, requirements, and their priorities for the deployment and implementation of supporting security technologies

  • Review findings and key recommendations, and provide opportunities for questions and answers relating to Microsoft 365 and supporting technologies

Your FastStart Expected Outcomes

Hands-On Experience

Receive hands-on experience of Windows Defender ATP through Trial & Pilot Deployment to POC systems, education around the new Windows defender security features (i.e. Export Guard, Application Guard, etc.) through interactive workshops.

Reinvent Mobile Device Security

Cloud accelerate your mobile device management strategy with a one-day interactive workshop to technically review and provide insight into current identity and security infrastructure, gaps, key scenarios and business value for Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security suite.

Mitigate Risks and Endpoints

Our CISO Security/Risk Assessment workshop is designed to evaluate current practices, procedures, and technical controls and the foreseeable risks that can be mitigated in alignment with Microsoft’s 365 stack of security features.