Modern Management for a Modern Workforce

The use of personal devices for work, as well as employees working outside the office, may be changing how your organization manages devices. Empowering the modern workforce is a balance that can require deep, granular control over devices while other parts seek lighter, scenario-based management. Offering the flexibility to balance the security and control over these two scenarios, Windows 10 and Intune together move devices from "traditional" tools for management to a more modern, flexible approach using cloud-services.

Softlanding's Modern Management FastStart is a five-day Windows 10 Modern Desktop management overview and Proof-of-Concept (POC). This engagement will cover the deployment and management technologies available from Microsoft to rapidly manage Windows 10 devices, Policies & Compliance through the Azure Intune portal. 


Softlanding’s Modern Management Fast Start is a five-day engagement that will help your organization achieve Modern Management with Windows 10 and Microsoft Intune. Within this engagement, an overview of your organization's Azure AD & Intune environment will be conducted and an action plan for the Windows 10 modern desktop management POC will be generated and executed upon.  Softlanding will then assist in registering devices and guiding stakeholders through the process of reviewing existing policies, management, and compliance needs.

The Windows 10 Modern Management FastStart with Intune includes:

  • Windows 10 Modern Management Overview & Planning: Review the latest and greatest in Windows 10 features, Overview Intune & Windows 10 Mobile Device Management capabilities, and Plan for technical requirements for Modern Mangement Proof of Concept 
  • Microsoft Azure Intune Portal Assessment: Activate and License Intune POC users with full assessment and review of current Azure Intune portal policies, management, and compliance needs
  • Conduct Windows 10 Modern Management POC:  Create, Configure and Conduct pilot enrollment for POC devices
  • Windows 10 Insight & Analytics: Track upgrade readiness & progress, Address compatibility issues, Identify device health and update compliance all through a centralized reporting platform powered by the Microsoft Operations Management Suite.
  • Windows 10 Security: Review and configure the latest security features in Windows 10 to help protect your organization from constantly evolving threats such as Windows Defender ATP, Exploit Guard, BitLocker, Windows Information Protection and Windows Hello for Business
  • Knowledge Transfer: High-level assessment and report of your current environment and recommendation for preparatory activities to deploy and manage Windows 10 with Microsoft Intune

Your FastStart Expected Outcomes

Simple, Flexible, Modern Device

Work on any device, anywhere, is the cornerstone surrounding Modern Management in Windows 10. Flexible  management options, such as Intune, provide an effective, out-of-the-box experience as opposed to the traditional, complex, and costly management tools used today. With better control over managed devices on-premise, in the wild, and virtually through the cloud, your organization can support various operating systems across a wide range of device types.

Reinvent Mobile Device Security

This "managed diversity" enables organizations to empower your users to access personalized settings and a managed experience, without being on the corporate network. With this diversified mobile device security, IT can selectively wipe corporate apps and information from their employee's personal devices at a moment's notice.


Mitigate Risks and Endpoints

Windows 10 is an exemplary model to mitigate
key business challenges by reducing IT management costs, improving security, driving new business, and improving your return on investment.