Current Trends

Health and education face highly regulatory challenges that often impede innovation. Compared to other industries, both health and education have been relatively slow to adopt technological innovations such as the public cloud, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), and even the storage of online health and student records.

For the healthcare industry, security is a primary concern for healthcare applications, especially with confidential and sensitive patient health data. Overarching data privacy and regulations over the residence of data place an added burden on data fluidity, making it difficult to adopt new technologies. Additionally, the need for a high performing solution with smooth integration of current platforms and easy adoption is a common concern within the healthcare industry.

For the education sector, both K-12 and higher-ed face budgetary issues as well as a resistance to change as training and lack of adequate, ongoing professional development impede adoption and need for reinvention. The education sector is challenged to find a middle ground where technology can provide security and compliance over student information as well as flexibility in accessing data anywhere, anytime.

How We Can Help

At Softlanding we have extensive experience helping healthcare and education address compliance and improve productivity and communication. As a Microsoft Partner, Softlanding has assisted with cloud and on-premises solution adhering to budget-constrained requirements deploying solutions such as Office 365, SharePoint intranets, System Center and Windows 10.

Predominant Technologies Adopted

Overcome Challenges in the Cloud

Meet compliance regulations, improve patient care, and streamline communications with Office 365.

Improve Internal Communication

Alignment of internal documents and communication structures through a Corporate Intranet Portal.

Address BC's Privacy Act to provide 'Out-of-Office' Productivity

'Government Mobile Workforce Essentials' is a cloud-based solution enabling auxiliary workers to access IT services from personal devices anywhere, anytime.

OS Built for Digital Transformation

Better productivity, user experience, and security with a Windows 10 operating system.

Training and Adoption

Better adoption of technology through Training and Adoption.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Simplify Disaster Recovery and Backup in the Cloud with Azure Site Recovery and Backup.

Case Studies

Capilano University Case Study

Setting Foundations for Long-Term Platform Sustainability

Capilano University sets its sights on long-term success by engaging a partner to undertake a crucial SharePoint re-vamp and provide ongoing support moving forward.

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PHSA-case study

Building on Existing Solutions Over Time

The Provincial Health Services Authority of BC maximizes the success of its custom SharePoint solution.

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