Current Trends

The Mining Industry is facing some significant issues. Market uncertainty, falling demand, responding to pricing pressure and retention or recruitment of skilled staff continue to be the pressing business concerns in the industry. Some emerging trends have begun to offer alternatives to persisting dilemmas in the market. The current market desire for renewable and innovative energy has led to changes within the industry. The traditional methods of energy retrieval are going through a dramatic change towards methods that are renewable, sustainable, and efficient.

Many companies are focusing on applying new technologies and methods to their processes in order to reduce energy consumption and cultivate their renewable energy sources. This transition towards more renewable energy and diversified supplies is creating both opportunities and challenges for the security of the global energy infrastructure. The rebalancing of energy supply and demand is leading to a new global energy security order. For a market that has traditionally been so dependant on certain forms of energy, renewable technology has caused economic readjustments to adapt to these developments.

Digital technology, digital code to transmit signals and information between different devices, is emerging as a top technology for the energy industry of the future. It has increasingly been making its way into the power generation, transmission, and distribution sectors - making it one of the fastest growing trends in the industry. The role of Cloud computing is constantly increasing and many companies are implementing cloud migration processes. The rise of analytics within operational business units in order to create maximum business value is enabled by a digital strategy centred on the flexibility that the cloud provides.

How We Can Help

At Softlanding we know that social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies have the power to change how we do everything. You can help your business become digital by developing a strategy and vision, reinventing a single essential process or experience, or building the foundational technologies that make rich and relevant digital experiences possible. We can help transform how you and your business work, communicate and learn with a wide range of platforms that can introduce your organization into the future of energy technology.

Predominant Technologies Adopted

Cloud Computing

Introduce Chargeback/Showback functionality with Pay-Per-Use Consumption under Microsoft Azure.

Business Analytics and Insight

Derive meaningful insight from mining and energy operations through Power BI.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Simplify Disaster Recovery and Backup in the Cloud with Azure Site Recovery and Backup.

OS Built for Digital Transformation

Better productivity, user experience, and security with a Windows 10 operating system.

Training and Adoption

Better adoption of technology through Training and Adoption.

Enterprise Collaboration and Productivity

Develop Enterprise Social and Collaboration with SharePoint and Office 365.

Case Studies

Capstone Mining Case Study

Utilizing Cloud-Based Technology to Differentiate

Capstone Mining switches to a cloud-based solution to better control costs, improve business processes and set-pace for the tumultuous pace of the mining industry.

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Connecting Remote Workforces with Cloud-based Tools

FourQuest Energy integrates Microsoft’s Enterprise Cloud Suite to easily on- and off-board employees and remote contractors – anywhere, anytime.

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