Get Started with Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS)

The OMS QuickStart offering is a pilot program allowing organizations to quickly evaluate the benefits associated with Microsoft’s OMS suite of products (Log Analytics, Azure Automation, Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup). The offering provides education on the suite, assesses your current needs and deploys the appropriate products in tandem with your team.

Benefits of Operations Management Suite include:

  • Gain immediate insights across workloads

  • Enable consistent control and compliance

  • Respond faster to security threats

  • Ensure availability of apps and data


OMS QuickStart Overview

     Get to know the Operations Management Suite (Day 1)

Education on OMS Suite including:
  • Log Analytics Insight & Analytics  
  • Security & Compliance
  • Azure Automation
  • Azure Site Recovery
  • Azure Backup

     Alignment Strategy (Day 2-3)

  • Identification of candidate servers and services

  • Identification of relevant security threats

  • Requirements for targeted pilot program

     Pilot Program (Days 4-5)

  • Operational Insights & Security Proof of Concept
    • OMS Tenancy Setup
    • Configuration of Cloud Services & Data Sources
    • Configuration of Log Analytics & Relevant Solutions
  • DR Proof of Concept
    • Hands-on collaborative deployment of Azure Site Recovery for 1 VM
  • DR Proof of Concept
    • Hands-on collaborative deployment of Azure Backup for 1 VM