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Successful implementations are a combination of technology that effectively addresses business problems and appropriate governance to ensure optimal ongoing operations, enable future growth and an increasing return on investment over time.  

Cloud governance defines how Office 365 will function, who will play what role, and what resources will be used. In order to administer Office 365 effectively once it is implemented, a blueprint is necessary. A Governance Plan outlines the protocol, policies, responsibilities, and user roles that will need to be established. A solid foundation keeps your Office 365 implementation as organized and streamlined as possible.

Softlanding works in several ways to assist in the creation of a governance model for organizations. We have experience in creating governance models from start to finish, including steps such as: helping create the governance steering committee, creating a detailed governance plan, and inserting governance into end-user training. We have also worked with organizations as subject matter experts, where we provide best practices and assist internal resources in creating their own plan. Governance can be more than just a static document, Softlanding also works with organizations to help automate their governance by using industry tools.

Why is Governance Important?


Ensure security is maintained and current

With IT governance training, security awareness helps employees use the right technology to reduce its security-related risk

Ensure technology can grow with the business

IT governance can provide best-practices for a company to grow their business while maintaining policies and standards

Ensure optimal use of technology by providing vision and goals

IT governance training can provide a direction for how technology can align with the organization’s visions and goals

Ensure users know their boundaries

What a user can and can’t do with the technology is a meaningful conversation that can be educated through governance training

"Governance needs to be more than just a document, it is the ethos by which the technology should be used and how it should grow within an organization"
Zeshan Randhawa
Business Analyst Lead, Softlanding

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