Introducing Technological Change

At Softlanding, we understand that simply introducing new technology does not, by itself, result in improvements in people’s work experience. The human dimension of technology change is at least as important that the changed nuts and bolts, or the bits and bytes.

We incorporate Organizational Change Management into our projects. This goes beyond simply telling users about new technology. In order for users to adopt – indeed, embrace -- new tools, those users must trust that we understand their world and have their interests at heart.

We work through a defined Change Management process to first help them become aware of coming changes, and then to help them identify the benefit of those changes to how they work. We then provide them with the knowledge, and help them develop the ability to use new tools and technology, and last, support them as they move away from older approaches.

Technology will be judged, in the end, not so much as what we change as by how that change makes their lives better.

Elements of Organizational Change Management



Inform all stakeholders as to why the change is taking place and how they will be affected


Ensure all stakeholders have effective training available in order adapt to the change


Evaluate how this change will affect the organizational culture and identify any precautions that may need to be taken


If you want change to happen, you need to show that you want it happen. 

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