Simplify the Management of Mobile Devices and Apps

With the increasing amount of employee-owned devices in the workplace, it can be a challenge finding a scalable and reliable device management platform. How does IT ensure corporate security policies are enforced, corporate apps are security provisioned, and business and personal data are being safely accessed by devices?

Softlanding helps your organization protect its most sensitive information and simplify user device administration with a Mobile Device Management platform that manages, monitors, secures and supports all mobile devices - regardless of make or carrier. Softlanding specializes in the deployment and configuration of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite to simplify IT to accommodate for new devices, new apps and new hires with enterprise-grade security and scalability. Ensuring the balance data security needs and productivity, Softlanding’s Enterprise Device Management services combine a comprehensive set of cloud services to achieve:

  • Hybrid Identity Management enabled with Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Mobile Device Management enabled with Microsoft InTune
  • Data Protection enabled by Azure Rights Management
  • System Security Monitoring enabled by Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection


Softlanding’s Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) QuickStart is a pilot program allowing organizations to quickly evaluate the benefits associated with Microsoft’s suite of products. The offering provides education on the suite, assesses your current needs and deploys the appropriate products in tandem with your team in 7 days for a fixed price.

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Benefits of Softlanding’s Enterprise Device Management

Enable People-centric IT (BYOD) Device Management

Softlanding’s Mobile Device Management solution allows for a separation of work and personal for employees. With isolated containers for work content on employee devices - IT can selectively wipe during off-boarding.

Streamlined Employee Access

With single sign-on for 2,500+ SaaS Applications, achieve better identity management

Protected Sensitive Data

On employee devices with encryption, selective wipe and application provisioning

Protected Online and On-premises Content

With multi-factor authentication organizations achieve enhanced identity management

Decreased burden on IT technical staff

Simplify management of computers and devices through a single pane of glass to classify and protect data from anywhere

Advanced Threat Protection

Receive alerts based on known security issues and risks on an easy-to-read dashboard