Modernize your workforce with a proven two-day workshop set to transition your applications to Microsoft Azure

Many organizations today rely on custom applications to enhance productivity, engage customers and support business processes. These applications are sometimes created using outdated technologies that are complex and expensive to support. By modernizing these applications it enables businesses to enhance usability while benefiting from modern technologies.

Azure provides many features and capabilities that traditionally required large amounts of effort to design and implement. As an alternative to simply moving the servers used to host these applications, in most cases exhibiting poorer performance for more cost, Azure leverages new technology and capabilities to get you closer to your digital goals.

Azure App Modernization Workshop

Softlanding’s Azure App Modernization Workshop is a two-day engagement that will cover the benefits of Azure and highlight the Azure Services that will light up your applications. We will then guide you through the process of reviewing your existing application and mapping it to Azure PaaS services. At the end of the workshop, you will have a high-level architectural design and road-map for implementing your application on Azure.

The workshop includes:
• Overview of Azure PaaS Services
• Review of an existing application
• Mapping of application features and functionality to Azure workloads
• Creation of a roadmap for the modernization of the application

*Softlanding’s Azure App Modernization Workshop is available as a complimentary service under Microsoft’s funding. Contact us to see if your organization is eligible.

Key Benefits of Modernizing your Applications to Microsoft Azure

Lower Financial Risk

Switching from a capital expense to an operating expense is an attractive option for organizations looking to test the viability of custom-built application. With no upfront investment in hardware and no commitment, Windows Azure proposes a lower financial risk that everyone can stomach.

Security: Microsoft Public Cloud

Many IT departments are reluctant to allow direct public access to their internal datacenters through applications. For example, mobile apps that allow customers to access personal information taken internally. Thus, building an application in Windows Azure and moving data as needed can be the right choice.

Highly Available and Scalable

With hundreds of Windows Azure datacenters scattered across the world - each with the ability to handle workloads with loads of simultaneous users, Windows Azure is capable of supporting applications with high or unpredictable usage with unparalleled response time.

Digital Transformation

Enhance applications to take advantage of modern technologies to change the way you do business and gain competitive advantages.

Cost Reduction

Reduce your operation and maintenance costs by eliminating unsupported technologies and infrastructure.

Greater Integration

Enhance functionality by integration with other enterprise systems and solutions including SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings.